Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SAF leather card #2

I'm back again with my other leather look card to share. I am not as happy with how this one turned out. I had a hard time getting it to flatten out. I like how the "leather " piece turned out, but when I placed it on the card base it just made the base curl inward. I will try this again to see what I did wrong. Thanks for visiting me.


  1. Your card came out SO MUCH BETTER than mine! LOL I had the same idea. I thought after making mine, that it looked like a Leather Wallet! TOO BAD there was no $$$ in it! LOL SUPER JOB on this challenge! ;)

  2. Love the leather panel .Not knowing what adhesive that you used did you place card under some weight pile of books for while then see if card curled next time you try .