Tuesday, September 14, 2021

CC&S #437

 Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I've been dealing with a lot of extra stress in life the past month. I left my very stressful job, had shingles the last 2 weeks there, started the new job right away. 2 days before I started my new job my niece was placed in ICU with severe Covid (no vaccine, allergic to flu vaccine couldn't get it) she almost died upon admit, got a bit better, then dramatically worse and was placed on a ventilator , had a massive stroke, now has a tracheotomy and feeding tube. She is now Covid negative and in a stroke rehab facility. She lives outside of Nashville , her mother (my oldest sister) lives outside Chicago. But in happy news new job is going well. So much less stressful. Now on to the card which I'm sending to my niece. I loved this sunflower die and needed a project to put it on, this worked perfectly. Thanks for stopping by today. 

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  1. Such a beautiful and cheerful card for your Niece. What a horrific time you've been having! Your poor Niece. It sounds like she has a long road to recovery. Shingles are so painful - "I hope you have recovered. Wishing you well in your new job. Hugs x