Tuesday, March 22, 2022

CC&S #462

 Hello! It's been an eventful week, sadly not good. On Thursday my 17yr old son received a corneal abrasion in outdoor gym class, hubby was off so handled getting him from school and taking kid to the eye doctor . I planned to come home for lunch and work from home the afternoon , plans changed . My husband's coworker called he was rushed to the emergency room, in A-fib (rapid heart rate) . So i left work to head there, happily he is doing well and home after a night in the hospital. His 1st ever, and he isn't a good patient. Hopefully this week will be more peaceful. On to the card, all supplies from the Greetery. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. A beautiful card during an eventful week! I hope this week is much quieter!

  2. Your card is lovely and I'm happy you found the time to make one. This is quite cheerful! Wow - that was some week. Hope things are better now.