Tuesday, May 19, 2020

CC&S #371

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I think this week's colors are so fun and summery. I used a TE striped stencil for my background and a sentiment die from Stamp Market. It's a very simple card, but still colorful and fun. What has everyone been up to? We have been checking off our to do list here, hoping we can have a graduation party (small family only in the afternoon and my son's friends in the evening) or 2.. actually 2 parties same day.  We all were tested for the virus ( all negative), and now 1 of us has been tested for antibodies.. and hoping the rest of us can be tested soon. There aren't alot of testing sites doing antibody tests yet. My youngest son , who has not left our home for 7 weeks has Covid toes... yep it's a real thing.  None of us have been sick here recently. My husband and I were both very sick around Christmas after one of my coworkers returned from Disney World and came to work ill. SO we aren't real sure how he got this. The dermatologist said it shows up after the person had the virus, and the are not sure how long after. Could we have had it already? I guess we will have to wait and see. Thanks for stopping by today. 


  1. So did your son test positive for the antibodies? (And yes, Covid toes are a real thing.) So scary! Your card is lovely!

    1. Since the antibody test is so new here , we are still waiting for results.

  2. I bet you've had it. I have a number of family members who were sick over Christmas - and their antibody test say they've had it!!

    I love the big "hello" with the bold stripes. I'm sad because I have an order on its way from The Stamp Market and that die was one I'd thought about and ended up not getting. It's a fabulous look.