Saturday, February 15, 2020

C is for Cat

Hello! I recently picked up both of the big grumpy sets from TE (the cat and the bear), plus the extra sentiment sets. I have a couple friends who love snarky cards to send out, so I try to find new sentiments when I can. When I ran across this challenge (Sisterhood of the snarky stamper) while looking for challenges to play along with today.. I knew just what stamp to use. A snarky cat is just the perfect thing! Thanks for stopping by today



  1. Ha ha ha ! I certainly has the feels for your card! Thanks for playing with the sistahs, Jo x

  2. This may be the best sentiment ever! And of course perfect for a grumpling cat. So glad you found our challenge - thanks for joining us at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!

  3. If you collect snarky sentiments i think our challenge is perfect for you - this card is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers and I hope we'll be seeing you again soon.

  4. Ohhhhhh I love love love love love this!!
    Soooooo awesome, I totally have all the feelings for your card!
    Thanks for joining Edna and the sisterhood of snarky stampers for C is for Cat!

  5. Super card, love it!!! love the grumpy cat and the sentiment too, thanks for playing along with us at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers for C is for Cat.

  6. This is adorable! love that sentiment! So very much a cat.

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