Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Hello! I'm back with another Christmas card to share for our "anything goes " challenge. I loved this die from the greetery the moment I saw it. I had to wait a bit to get it as it sold out right away. I'm not sure I will mass produce this one as it has lots of pieces that fit together.  It's been a very stressful week here for me, lots of unexpected stuff came up. 1) major plumbing issues, had to have new water line installed from house to city tie in(very very expensive) , 2) during installation plumbers hit our gas line due to it being improperly marked my gas company, 3) my teenager who was licensed 13 days had an accident in his car (he just bought himself) , he was not injured but still very stressful. So if anyone is looking for me I'll be hiding in my craft room. See you soon.


  1. Oh my goodness Samantha! You HAVE had quite the week! So happy to hear your son is ok. We had to do the whole "hook up to the city" thing a few years back and yes, it's expensive. Your card is lovely though. Deep breath.

  2. hat a week - and you still managed to create this - love it xx

  3. Bless you Samantha, the craft room is definitely the place to hide out after that horrible week! Glad everyone is ok. Your card is beautiful. If The Greetery stuff was available was available in the UK, I'd have the lot!!! Vicky x

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